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Our clients come from various industries and include top international companies from the financial sector, telecommunications and aviation. offers services in the area of software engineering by being able to adapt to clients’ needs for implementing software development projects from technical consultancy, project management, system design, development, testing.

Our engineers’ expertise is constantly growing – we utilize the best of the trends in technologies such as JAVA, .NET, ColdFusion, PHP, web in general and DBA.

When it comes to methodologies and processes, we mostly use Agile Development (SCRUM), but Waterfall as well.


Solution Design & Architecture

Joint workshops enable our onsite and nearshore experts to interact with clients, and through those discussions to understand fully their requirements and to formulate those requirements into clearly stated concepts. As well as technical issues, these discussions also bring other important aspects to the foreground, such as client expertise and relevant organizational structure. Choosing the correct architecture and the appropriate people and processes to implement these requirements are crucial next steps for our client’s success. NSM also keeps in mind the period after project implementation and there are extensive discussions with the client about the various long-term implications of the new undertaking.



Software Development & QA

Our expertise in software development is based on over 1 million hours of experience in the implementation of highly demanding requirements from a range of diverse industries. Our experts have more than 12 years of experience in the design and integration of teams that exactly suit the needs of our clients. In one single step, these team members can substantially increase the development capacities of our clients while at the same reducing costs. And even more important are the long-term values that are created through increased flexibility, learning organizations, adaptable services and trustful partnerships. Each of these types of cooperation is different and each client has their own strategies and culture, as well as their own processes, methods and requirements. NSM takes all of these aspects into account in the choice of teams and/or project staffing. Software development today far exceeds mere programming work and testing – the proactive support of each nearshore team consists of the on-going coaching of all participants, as well as putting a qualified scrum master at the disposal of the client.

2nd Wave

With new projects or project introductions, the thinking often only goes up to the point of introduction, everything being focused on a fast implementation. Time-to-market is important of course, and processes can be accelerated, but consideration of the project total life cycle shows that in most cases the subsequent expenses for the organization are underestimated or even forgotten. We help our clients achieve an optimum cost-benefit ratio over the full life cycle of a project by consulting them about this aspect already at the outset of the project and/or assuming one-stop further development and operation.



The rapidly growing demands on CIOs to manage existing and new distribution channels in retail organizations (omni-channel) is creating requirements to develop and maintain more and more complex applications. The successful interaction between technology and business processes is becoming increasingly important in securing the survival of client business models. As an experienced Hybris provider, with its own training program and more than 20 specialized engineers, NSM supports clients in their eCommerce endeavours from technical conception through to the development and implementation of the existing and new platforms. Beside its Hybris know-how, NSM also offers individual solutions for Magento or Java.



Financial sector