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enjoy.ing is member of NSM engineering, Swiss software company, with headquarters in Zurich, and gathering internationally experienced teams of software engineers in Belgrade and Niš. In our development centers with more than 180 employees, we develop and manage highly complex software solutions for discerning clients. We are guided by clients’ needs and provide solutions that directly meet their market needs.


Our employees enjoy their work, clients enjoy our software solutions, and our partners enjoy cooperating with us.


By choosing experienced professionals who enjoy software engineering, we provide our clients quality solutions tailored to their needs.


When we say „enjoy.ing“ the first thought is people. Satisfied and motivated.

Carefully selected experienced engineers, all connected by passion for their work. Team players, but also individuals with their own specific qualities that make them irreplaceable part of the team.

For these creative people one successfully completed project is not the end, but beginning of a challenge. Challenge of the new project. The one that leads them into the new area, and what is more important, gives them a new chance to enjoy doing what they know best – engineering.

who we are
who we are
who we are
who we are


The ones who lead teams working with international companies from the financial sector, telecommunication and aviation, but also other businesses.

Experienced individuals who gather the best candidates and make them proud team members by providing exceptional conditions for work and further improvement in challenging international projects, but also with professional relationship.

But also sociable friends who won’t miss numerous fun team buildings.


Nenad Jovic

CEO Serbia


Mirjana Parpura Djordjevic

 HR Director


Sanel Jovanovic

IT Director 


who we are
who we are
who we are
who we are

Teams are pillars of our business.

And these are not the regular ones, but enjoy.ing teams.

Professionals with joyful spirit, with solutions for every problem, and numerous situations in which they successfully met the challenge they faced with joint efforts.

They are formed in the way to respond to every request from the client, regardless of the area and size of the company.

It all starts with a careful introduction to the needs of the clients. It also means having teams in company’s premises in the course of the project. And yes, often it means that the new project brings new destination.

Commitment but also flexibility is what makes enjoy.ing teams unique. Combination of enjoy.ing solutions and company’s needs is what clients often describe with a sentence “Made for each other”. As a result, shortly after starting work for the client, not many can believe that it is about outsourcing, and that is what we are particularly proud of.